About Us


Too Politically Correct came about from a long frustration of the repetitive cycle of buying clothes wearing them once and then being unable to wear them again due to the poor quality of the garments.

Our goal, in response to growing environmental concerns, is to supply high-quality garments that are versatile, affordable and most importantly sustainable. With the rapid developments in new technologies, we are now in a position to provide more eco-friendly products. Currently, all our garments are made with recycled materials or organic cotton which contributes to the high quality of the pieces. The ink which we use for screen-printing is not sustainable at the moment and this is due to the lack of inks on the market that meet the stringent requirements. Rest assured we are constantly researching and trying to source inks that can replace the ones used currently by our manufacturer.

The Name:
The brand name stems from the society we find ourselves living in today, whereby every comment is judged and adjudicated on, this can lead us to portraying a filtered version of ourselves.

By supporting the brand you are being true to yourself and acknowledging that changes need to happen. Freedom to speak, freedom to live in a healthy environment where everyone feels safe and are treated with respect and dignity. By supporting us, you are also assisting people who are part of the ‘Fair Wear Foundation’ make a better life for themselves and their families.