Sustainability is at the core of TPC, it is the foundation that makes the brand stand out from others. While many main retailers are promising to change to this way of manufacturing clothes, we have already incorporated these elements into our garments, which attributes to the high quality clothes we produce. 

We use several manufactures across our ranges to provide the highest quality products. Some of our items have been made with organic cotton or other materials, such as recycled polyester. By using these products, we are providing you with clothes that look great and most importantly will last. We have recently come to an agreement with a new manufacture which will be be providing us with a certain range of garments in the near future. This factory is within the EU which was important for use as we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. The supplier is part of SEDEX which promotes ethical trade and ensuring an efficient and sustainable supply trade.

Along with providing the consumer with sustainable goods, the manufacturer we use outside of Europe is part of the Fair Wear Foundation. This organisation supports workers in realising their rights to a safe, dignified and properly paid employment. They focus on the most labour-intensive parts of the supply chain, to find answers to problems others think are unsolvable.

By providing transparency, it means companies cannot hide what is going on in the background. It was crucial for us not to overlook the people who are making our brand a reality, without them there would be no TPC, so it is important that they receive a fair wage for their hard work.